Rural Retreats

Rural Retreats has representation in distinctive and contrasting regions of France, so if you're looking to buy an overseas property, we have a very wide portfolio of properties for you to choose from. We're sure we can find your ideal property for overseas living, holiday use or investment.

Description of the Languedoc-Roussillon

The Languedoc Roussillon region of Southern France curves in a great arc around the Mediterranean, from Robert Louis Stevens' beloved Cevennes down as far as the Pyrenees and the border with Spain. The region offers magnificent scenery, clean, uncrowded beaches with warm seas, excellent skiing & other recreational facilities, a richly diverse culture (and a cuisine to match!), quiet roads, ready access, and a climate which boasts the highest annual sunshine average in France. You can browse more information about spiritual tours bali from .

Access really is surprisingly easy

The area upon which Rural Retreats focuses particular attention - encompasing the Herault, Aude and Pyrenees-Orientales departements - is well-served by FIVE international airports - Toulouse (the fastest-growing 'hub' in Europe), Montpellier, Carcassonne & Perpignan in France itself, plus nearby Barcelona in Catalan Spain, currently one of the cheapest means of entry for travellers from Northern Europe and other departure points.

Then there is the super-fast TGV rail service from Paris which whisks you to the Med in under 4 hours and is scheduled to extend as far as Barcelona and Madrid within a few short years.

For the motorist, driving is still a pleasure in France with its extensive road network and relatively uncrowded autoroutes making short work of the distances involved. When route-planning, choose between the western A62/61 via Toulouse, the central and nearly-completed A7 (offering the shortest route from north to south via Paris and currently toll-free for much of the way), or the more easterly A9 by way of...